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About Us

 About Us

Have you ever swiped on a colorful-in-the tube lip gloss to find it’s just clear on your lips? Or a lovely shade of lipstick that looks like an ashy pastel when you glide it on? We sure have. That's one of the reasons we started making products. If it looks pink in the tube, we want a pink tint when we swipe it on, if its a bright orange lipstick, we want it to keep that energy on the lips! Love CocoBerry is a black-woman owned business whose products are designed to shine on a wide variety of skin tones. 

That being said, we don't want to have to choose between great color and high quality products! We also want to give you products that provide great skincare benefits as well. Natural oils and butters have been used for skin and lip care for generations. We've included our favorites in our products to moisturize, protect and provide anti-aging benefits.  

Our small batch cosmetics are made here in the USA with good-for-you ingredients. Our products are vegan and cruelty-free.  Our in-house sourcing and manufacturing ensures we're able to control the quality of the product from ingredients to finished goods. We believe you deserve great products made from the best ingredients. 

 Our Founder


Since her adolescent years, Bianca has been fascinated by the magical experience of make up. She loved trying new products and  jumped at any and every opportunity to try out her glam skills on friends. In that joy, she also found her expression stifled by the low amount of cosmetic brands that offered both bold colors and quality ingredients.  Frustrated, Bianca started formulating her own batches of cosmetics. Soon, she was sharing her creations with friends and family. Before her eyes, Love CocoBerry was born.

Bianca prides herself on providing the finest quality products made with good-for-you ingredients while also giving customers concentrated pigment that’ll turn heads. She will continue to push diversity within the cosmetic industry so women of color can find products they love.